Need to make an impression fast and with extra zing?

Premium Business Cards

Statement-worthy products deserve a tag to let buyers know.

Hang Tags

Easily catch your customers’ attention!

Door Hangers

A marketing staple


Create custom flyers in rich colors and high-quality paper to leave an impression.
Sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

Promote your Brand with custom stickers.

Print Out Custom Stickers

When yelling with a megaphone isn’t enough, our custom posters can seal the deal. Pick your design and we’ll do the printing in ultra size, using only quality, rich colors. 

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Custom Car Magnets

When there’s a message you want out there, every opportunity to show it counts. With our custom car magnets, get the attention you want even when you’re on the move.

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Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Promote your business, brand, or cause with custom stickers that add an upscale touch. A perfect size to fit a logo or little promotion, these sticks can be fun and charming, while staying informative.

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Window Decals

Eye-catching products need eye-catching displays. To go mega-sized, create custom window decals that instantly grab attention.

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Custom your own t-shirt to showcase any personalized message.
Custom Your Own T-Shirt
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Every second counts when you’re making an impression
Custom Yard Signs
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Ideal for sharing office memos, product quotes, invoices, and more.


When it’s time to capture attention, it’s time to go big.


Our custom vinyl banners are the perfect stage-takers for any occasion with a big audience.
When yelling with a megaphone isn’t enough, our custom posters can seal the deal.


Printed with high whiteness for a rich and deep color range
Premium Kraft Business Cards
18 pt. Premium Kraft
A natural, durable, and sustainable light brown paper stock.
Premium Pearl Business Cards
18 pt. Premium Pearl A durable and thick paper stock with a smooth, shimmering surface.
As business cards become commonplace

Business Card Magnets

Whether it’s for professional purposes or for representing your brand
Enhance your customer experience with neat table tent menus .

Table Tent

Easily leave a great first impression at your wedding, banquet, dinner.

Floor Decals

What Makes a Great About Us

Some say printing is “dead”, but at Pomegranate Printing, we know otherwise. As a full-service printing provider that takes deep pride in every drop of ink we print, we know it’s about more than printing to you – it’s about telling your story to the world in a way that builds trust, authenticity, and credibility. That’s why our team of problem-solvers and smart-thinkers use the most advanced, high-performance digital production printers in the industry, backed by a team of passionate experts who move mountains to exceed your expectations every time.