The importance of branding and advertising for businesses

The importance of branding and advertising for businesses

The basics of branding and advertising and a few cost-effective methods to get you started.



You’ve likely heard the concepts branding and advertising before. However, perhaps you’re a little confused as to what they are, what the difference is, and how you can implement these concepts into your business.


For starters, both of these terms are buzzwords used in the business and creative community, passed around like M&Ms with little to no thought as to what they actually mean. Therefore, to help you understand these terms, this article will explain these, why these concepts are important, and then provide you with various cost-effective branding and advertising methods to get started.


So, without ado, let’s begin.



What is branding?

Branding is the design, look, and style of your business. However, it’s also how your brand comes across and the tone in which you adopt. For example, brand details could include a specific color, logo, banner, or slogan, such as the famous “just do it” from Nike.


All businesses have a brand. However, few businesses know how to develop and maintain their brand effectively. To have a successful brand, it’s essential to remain consistent across the board. For example, you should always use the same font, colors, slogans, and approach to content and text.


But why is this the case? The more consistent you are, the more likely customers and others are to recognize your brand, associating a certain project or piece of work with your business. This results in more interest, sales, and customers - so it’s well worth investing in and building your brand.

What is advertising?

Okay, now that we’ve discussed branding, let’s discuss advertising. Branding and advertising are very different, but many business owners often get the two concepts muddled up.


For starters, advertising is concerned with promoting your brand, your content, or your services. The most basic form of advertisement is a television advert, displaying what you have to offer and what you want in return. In more recent years, however, advertising has developed massively, opening up many more doors for advertising opportunities, including Facebook and Instagram ads, google ads, print methods (e.g., business cards and flyers), and much, much more.


Advertising with a clear brand vision and identity is the best approach, allowing you to reach hundreds if not thousands of users with your content, design, and business ideas and products. Without effective branding, your advertising will likely suffer, causing confusion amongst your customers.

Why are these concepts important?

So, why are branding and advertising important? Well, we already know they go hand in hand, but why should you adopt these concepts as a business?


Firstly, successful branding and advertising allows you to reach a wider audience, also becoming recognizable and an industry leader in your niche if you do a good job of it. You can advertise without a brand identity, but this no doubt reduces your ROI and is certainly not as effective.


So, before adopting any method of advertising, new or old, you should flesh out your brand identity first.

Cost-effective methods of advertising & branding

Upon reading this far, you should now be caught up on what exactly branding and advertising are and how these concepts complement each other.


So, now we’re going to discuss various cost-effective methods of advertising your brand, business, or service. Some of these methods are as follows:


  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Banners
  • Signs

Each of these will now be explained in greater detail below.

Business cards

Business cards are a timeless piece of both branding and advertising. A traditional business card includes your business name (or your name), contact info, logo, and what you do/what you can offer to a prospective customer or buyer.


Often, these cards are handed out at events or conferences and also to prospective buyers. Business cards are a better option for physical businesses as opposed to online ones, so if you’re a property developer, in the construction industry, a realtor, or any other physical business, then you should definitely invest in some business cards.


Next up, we have flyers. Flyers are a popular form of advertisement either handed on in the street, at events, or posted through letterboxes. These flyers contain useful information and brand details, advertising your services to local residents or a particular group, such as a sports team.


Flyers should contain all your brand details too, increasing familiarity and building brand awareness with your target demographic.


Suppose you’re hosting an event, whether a charity fundraiser or perhaps an exclusive deal, you should consider the use of a banner. These can be hung in various places (so long as you have permission) and a great form of advertisement.


Banners are an excellent method of advertisement, displaying of brand details in large font paired with images of your services. However, banners are usually better for physical businesses, but you can still use these for web-based businesses, too.


Nonetheless, physical businesses will definitely benefit the most, especially those running events.


Finally, we have signs. Signs are super versatile and be used for various events, meetings, and other scenarios. These allow you to display numerous business details and to point prospective customers in the right direction to your business or to find your service, online or in-person.

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